Special Orders

The items below can be ordered in a special order. You must call the shop to place your order at (636) 947-0088

Shipping times will vary by what is ordered and the quantity.

$image['alt']; ?> M&M Cookies
$image['alt']; ?> Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
$image['alt']; ?> Gluten Free Chocolate Chip
$image['alt']; ?> Coconut Chocolate Chip
$image['alt']; ?> Gluten Free/Dairy Free Sugar Sprinkle
$image['alt']; ?> Gluten Free/Dairy Free Snickerdoodle
$image['alt']; ?> 12" Round Cookie Cake
$image['alt']; ?> Half Sheet Cookie Cake
$image['alt']; ?> Small (2.5) Dozen Cookie Platter
$image['alt']; ?> Large (5) Dozen Cookie Platter